I have been an IT professional for more then 20 years and I am still finding the industry as exciting as when I started (correction it’s even more so this days).

I always loved programming but my dream of developing video games as a teenager (yes we did have video games back then) has matured into a love of information and I would consider myself as an information architect first and a system designer/developer second.

Ten years ago my good friend and colleague George Boobyer and I set up and have been working on a variety of projects ranging form Metadata systems, Taxonomical Data presentation and vertical applications. I use this site as a platform for the various technologies I deal with on day to day basis and also try and cover ones that I have a personal interest in.

“Now more then ever I find the evolution of the web through the interaction of communities, individuals and businesses more exiting then ever. Developments like the and semantic web and the transparency and availability of many other data sources makes information more exciting then ever.”

Guy Shneerson

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