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what a great way to hang Paintings

what a great way to hang Paintings:

I am about to have my open house in this years Brighton May festival and going to use this “3M Picture Hanging Strips” to hang up all my paintings (and they are not small)
No need for Nails Drills or event glue and lives no trace on the wall when removed


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“ARTS for MINDS” goes live

“ARTS for MINDS” goes live featuring Orna Shneerson Pascal’s Art work.

My understanding is that this site is going to focus among other things on the link between are and the mental wellbeing & health.

It is interesting as Ornas work has been purchased by health organisations before

These are early days so keep an eye for developments on the site.

ARTS for MINDS: featuring Orna Shneerson Pascal’s “Tree Of Life” Painting on its home page.

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Orna Schnnerson Pascal Art – still available

Orna Schnnerson Pascal Art – is still available on and currently is pointing at it.

Once i get around to it i will develop a new and exiting site for orna’s art work. send me an email if you want to be sent updates