Why use a Web Content Management System (WCMS) for designing of websites

Although we have built many solutions for our clients from the ground up, we increasingly base our solutions on standard web content management systems (WCMS) such as WordPress (for simple sites and blogs) and Drupal (for more complex and tailored solutions).
WCMS frameworks such as Drupal enable us to build custom solutions based on a solid framework. This means that we can develop rich web site solutions rapidly without our clients having to pay for us to reinvent the wheel. WCMS solutions also provide the client with full editorial control over the implemented web site freeing them from being tied to a proprietary solution.
From simple blogs to rich social publishing and e‐commerce sites, Drupal is a powerful framework that provides extensive opportunities for web development. Our experience with these systems enables us to provide open and transparent solutions that are highly visible to search engines and integrate readily with Social Marketing systems.

WCMS such as Drupal provide a framework for a web site with publishing of content, user registration and authentication built in to the core. In addition they are highly extensible with a rich variety of additional facilities freely available as modular extensions that enable you to extend the functionality of your site almost without limit and at any stage in the development of your site.
Drupal is an open source and free system that has a large global user and developer base. As a result it is robust and continually improving in terms of its security, performance and facilities available to extend its core functionality.

“The community that your organization serves wants to interact ‐ with each other, and with you. Your organization can nurture and grow with this community if you can provide the infrastructure. Two things need to be combined in this infrastructure: a WCMS with Web 2.0 capabilities, like blogs, tagging, etc., plus the social features users are accustomed to, such as social groups, project spaces, and status activity postings.
Drupal combines all these capabilities into a single, free package. It accomplishes this through the power of open source, which provides speedy technical advancement from the community with the no‐cost licensing model of free software”

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