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“ARTS for MINDS” goes live

“ARTS for MINDS” goes live featuring Orna Shneerson Pascal’s Art work.

My understanding is that this site is going to focus among other things on the link between are and the mental wellbeing & health.

It is interesting as Ornas work has been purchased by health organisations before

These are early days so keep an eye for developments on the site.

ARTS for MINDS: featuring Orna Shneerson Pascal’s “Tree Of Life” Painting on its home page.

CMS Technology WordPress

Useful WordPress Plugins

I find the following plugins useful as a set of default plugins for a WordPress installation:

  • ultimate-google-analytics – requires an analytics account (free) and really is the ultimate SEO plugin;
  • google-sitemap-generator – generates a Google Site map (useful with a Google Webmaster Account);
  • platinum-seo-pack – Manages Title tags and meta tags along with loads of other SEO tools;
  • revision-control – controls (limits)  the number f revisions you accumulate;
  • WPTouch – Provides an iPhone interface to your blog.
  • Akismet – Comes with WordPress  – activate it – it works and really stops a lot of comment spam.

I load all of these by default with WordPress installations. The SEO ones really enable you to manage and monitor the visibility of your site and to track traffic.


Apple Mac Technology

apple mac software

Some free some not apple mac software/utils, those I’ve paid for were worth it in my opinion:

STUFFIT Expender for Mac Zip/Archive (also for pc STUFFIT Expender for Win)

Colloquy – IRC client

TextExpander (system-wide text macros)
ExpanDrive (make remote machines local ones)
SizeUp (great window manipulation)
Zooom2 (even greater window manipulation)
Caffeine (prevents sleep mode)
MenuPrefs (quick access to System Prefs)
1Password (easy way to save passwords)
Adium (IM client for multiple platforms)
djay (music mixing)
Flip4Mac (Windows Media add-on)
Handbrake (ripping cds)
Hear (detailed sound output manipulation)
Integrity (site crawler)
iReadFast (interesting little Italian app for reading 1 word at a time)
iStat Menus (good menus for system data — cpu, network, temperature, etc)
NetNewsWire (rss reader)
SizzlingKeys (operate iTunes without going to it)
Sequel Pro (manipulate remote databases)
TextMate (text editor with many bundles for various purposes/languages)
TextWrangler (free robust text editor)
Transmit (the best ftp client)
Transmission (the best bittorrent client)
TweetDeck (go nuts with Twitter)
VLC (most versatile if not the prettiest media player)
Warp (extends Spaces (try Spaces))
Yojimbo (mind dump)


Art Art Orna News

Orna Schnnerson Pascal Art – still available

Orna Schnnerson Pascal Art – is still available on and currently is pointing at it.

Once i get around to it i will develop a new and exiting site for orna’s art work. send me an email if you want to be sent updates


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