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Wired Sussex Media Jobs + Skills Fair 2010

4th March 2010, Corn Exchange, Brighton

The event organized by Wired Sussex In association with the University of Sussex

I went along not expecting much I am a Information System architect and a software developer and this was a media fair but I live in Brighton so I gave it a chance besides I was really looking forward to the evening talk by Dr. Aleks Krotoski.

The event was very much aimed at student coming out of college & University looking for a job (fair enough). I sat in on the Routes into media 1:45 – 3:15 and the advice although dry at time (I couldn’t even go up on stage so no complaints) was good advice focusing mainly on the necessity to be pro active including work experience and relevant on line presence and on approaches to approaching companies.

A quick review:

1:50 I only got at the end of Adam Stafford from fresh egg but his talk seemed to be the most engaging of the loot.

2:00 The Animation and design one was very disappointing because it did not talk about Animation and presented a 10 slide presentation of things to do to get a job.

2:10 The Games session by Ben Hebb Art Director of Zoe mode had a very interesting question and Answer session about the route in for a traditional animation.

2:20 Marketing/PR really didn’t like that one Caraline spent most of the talk emphasizing the importance of spelling and grammar (both of which r my week points) and presentation in a very aggressive way saying she bins CVs on any mistakes. While this may important qualifications I do not like aggression and I believe that all industries rely on celebration of different skills, I am no great marketing guru but I believe that today marketing is highly dependent on many technical skills including understanding of technology and that the ability to understand a product and its relevant attraction to its target audience is high on the list.

2:30 Journalism by the Argus editor Jo Wadsworth was the complete opposite of the previous talk. Surly if marketing is not mainly about writing than journalism is. Well apparently not. When Jo presented the question of what journalism is about? “Writing” was the first answer, which was wrong. According to Jo it is about finding the story (I liked that), she did however run through the all the skills needed and those included law, writing and short hand. Hooray describe the essence and than give them all the facts.

I also walked around the exhibiters and had a nice chat about Drupal with Jeremy Spiller from White Hat Media

I than left the place and met my mate Adam for a great Expression Engine session

Guy Shneerson

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